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And the mere mention of plastic water bottles is enough to elicit at least a few judgmental side eyes. When it comes to our pets, however, Darcy Matheson, author of Greening Your Pet Care: Reduce Your Animal’s Environmental Paw-Print , asserts that we may not be as eco-friendly as we think. “We buy a lot of plastic products for our pets. We feed them meaty diets, and then there’s all the poop that they leave behind,” she tells the Straight by phone. “So, they’re like these little polluters.” Ahead of an author event at Book Warehouse (4118 Main Street) this Monday (June 27) for her new tome—which offers easy tricks for minimizing your pets’ carbon footprints—Matheson shares her tips on how to green up your pet-care regimen for the betterment of both your health and theirs—and the environment. Petrageous Designs' adorable pet bowls (from $8.99 at Bosley's by Pet Valu [various locations]) are made from handcrafted stoneware, and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Our lives are littered with single-use, nonbiodegradable plastics. And just as we’ve made an effort to rid our kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces of them, they should be removed from our pet care as well. “Put your pet on a plastic diet,” Matheson stresses. “Go through and look at the products that you have and see if you can find something that’s a greener alternative.” Plastic feeding bowls, for example, should be replaced with pieces made from stainless steel or a natural material like bamboo, hemp, or rubber. The same no-plastic mantra should be applied to your pets’ toys, clothing, and accessories—check out the 100-percent-upcycled-cotton pet beds by Vancouver’s Handsome Mountain Pet Supplies (select styles on sale from $70 online ). Plastic packaging and liners in pet food should also be avoided. Not only will this prevent nonrenewable resources from piling up in landfills, but you’ll be protecting your two- and four-legged friends from polyvinyl chloride, bisphenol A, and phthalates, potentially hazardous chemicals commonly found in plastics.

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bosley shampoo

Learn How To Deal With Blading

Learning more about the loss of hair helps you identify the cause and treat it. Hair thinning is something that is very hard to take. This article contains tips on how you can deal with hair loss.

Stress is related to hair loss. To keep more of your hair, reduce your stress levels. Stress is a leading cause of blading, so it must controlled or the hair thinning will continue. Learn how to deal with stress.

If you have been diagnosed with a disease, take care of yourself. If you don't follow your doctor's directions, it will be harder for your body to get better. If your body's energy is going toward improving your health, there won't be enough to help the hair follicles grow. Thinning hair will occur, as a result.

Vitamin C could be an easy and effective way to prevent further blading. The flow of blood to the hair follicles and scalp are increased due to vitamin C. By getting this boost of blood flow moving to your scalp, it will allow faster regrowth.

Make sure that you wait until your hair has dried before attempting to brush it. Wet hair can be very easy to damage. After your hair has dried you can follow normal brushing methods. You can pull out, split or fray your hair when you brush it wet.

Men who suffer from blading may consider the use of liquid saw palmetto. Saw palmetto extract will lower the levels of DHT, the male hormone that is believed to cause loss of hair. To use this technique, take the juice from the fruit and apply it to your scalp and hair.

Never brush wet hair. Instead, either let your hair dry on its own or accelerate the process using a soft towel. Wet follicles are very sensitive and you could cause damage. Brushing your hair when it is wet can cause an excessive amount of hair to fall out.

Take special precautions when you use hair treatments that could damage your clothing. Let the product dry before allowing your head to touch anything.

A good way to grow your hair again is to massage the scalp all the time. Massage your scalp with some kind of oil, like mineral oil, to get optimal results.

Some people say that aloe vera is very effective in preventing blading, that is why you should consider trying this. Just massage a little Aloe into your scalp before bedtime every night. Aloe vera contains minerals that nourish your hair, making it stronger. Also, massaging it into your scalp will stimulate the hair follicles, reducing thinning hair.

Reduce the amount of stress in your life. Stress can contribute to hair thinning, so if you can lower your stress, you can possibly prevent some hair thinning. It can also speed up the hair loss you are experiencing and make treatments a waste of time.

Not only can hair loss effect a person physically, but it can also effect them mentally. Now that you know more about the effects of hair thinning, you should live a happier life, whether you have hair or not. Apply this advice to see a real difference.